TP540 Thermostat

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It allows you to control the heating system from the touch screen of the device, or using a mobile App.
It designed to control electrical anti-icing systems.
Detailed user manual
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Сontrol electrical anti-icing systems
System operation according to the weather from the network
Getting precipitation data from the Internet
Mode of operation by one or two temperature settings
Automatization and scenarios support

  • Wi-Fi 2.4
  • Touch-sensitive control
  • Online-programming
  • Power consumption statistics collection
  • Temperature charts
  • Extended event logs
  • Automatically locked sensor buttons
  • Saving settings when the power is OFF for 12 months

  • Remote floor temperature sensor: NTC 6.8 kOhm
  • A possibility to use third parties' remote sensor
  • Setting the hysteresis of the lower and upper t °

  • Power supply: 220 V; 50 Hz, max 16A
  • Permissible ambient temperature: from 0 °C to +40 °C
  • Dimensions: 9×9×4.1cm
  • Protection class: II
  • Ingress protection rating: IP21
  • Temperature control range: from -5 °C to +10 °C
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Country of manufacture: Russia

Detailed User Manual

FAQ and detailed instructions