World level quality for available price
Additional heating source for apartments and houses
15 years
Tested under the load of 3600V
Ideal for rooms
with low ceilings
  • 150 Wt/m2
    Power density
  • 4,7 mm
    Cable size
  • 2 m
    Power cord length
  • +165 °C
    Temperature limit
The basis of Warmstad heating sections is a 4 mm two-core heating cable.
Heating mats do not rise in height, so they are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

Structural features of the Warmstad underfloor heating system:
Heating cores distribute heat evenly over the working surface.
The cable is covered with an aluminum lavsan shield.
The cable insulation is stitched with polyethylene.
The cable sheath is made of heat-resistant polymer material
Installation into tile glue:
  • 1
    Flooring (ceramic tiles, natural stone, etc.)
  • 2
    Tile (5–8 mm)
  • 3
    Heating mat
  • 4
    Cement-sand screed (at least 3 cm)
  • 5
    Thermal insulation
  • 6
    Floor base
Thin heated floor is suitable for you if:
• You have already made a screed;
• You do not have the opportunity (desire) to raise the floor level;
• You want to reduce installation time as much as possible;
• You prefer to buy reliable and durable household appliances from well-known manufacturers.

Installation for decorative flooring:
  • 1
    Decorative flooring (laminate, linoleum, carpet, etc.)
  • 2
    Underlay for decorative flooring
  • 3
    Cement-sand screed (at least 3 cm) Floor Base
  • 4
    Heating mat
  • 5
    Cement-sand screed (at least 3 cm)
  • 6
    Thermal insulation
  • 7
    Floor Base
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